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Tutorials/exercises in medieval history

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29 Jun 2010

The history of the Mediterranean 1798-1956

Tutorials/exercises - 24 pages - Medieval history

The history of the Mediterranean region deals with the interaction of cultures and people of the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea which was the central superhighway of transport trade and cultural exchange between diverse peoples. This history is important in order to understand the...

03 Jun 2008

Harald Bluetooth and the Jelling Stones

Tutorials/exercises - 8 pages - Medieval history

The custom of erecting rune stones to commemorate the dead was a fashion that became predominant during the latter years of the Viking age, with the high period starting around 950 AD and continuing for the following 80 years in Denmark, Norway, and southern Sweden. In northern Sweden the custom...

28 May 2008

What were the causes of the Iconoclastic Movement in the Dutch Revolt (1559-1648)?

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Medieval history

In this essay I will be treating the iconoclastic movement in the Netherlands (1566 - 1567) as the beginning of the Dutch Revolt. I will begin by examining the historical context of the Dutch Revolt, that is to say, the political, economic and social aspects of the Netherlands in the...

14 Apr 2008

The Polis and Chora of Chersonesos in Crimea, Ukraine

Tutorials/exercises - 4 pages - Medieval history

The archaeological site of Chersonesos in Crimea, Ukraine, has been called “the Ukrainian Pompeii” and with good reason. Very few sites in the world can claim to have such an abundance of well-preserved remains. Tens of towers, a monumental defensive wall, a theater, and numerous...

11 Mar 2008

What does the discovery and study of Otzi reveal about the nature of Archaeology?

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Medieval history

Archaeology is - “The discovery, recovery, and study of material evidence or artifacts (i.e. structures, tools, clothing, implements and burial sites in various states of preservation) of past human life and culture” The methodology used in Archaeology can be effectively...

05 Oct 2007

Peter the Great and Alexander I

Tutorials/exercises - 5 pages - Medieval history

Peter the Great (1689-1725) was the major force that turned Russia away from the old ways of Asiatic Russia, and opened the window to the west. His series of accomplishments as Tsar of Russia began at the dawn of the eighteenth century, with the foundation of St. Petersburg. Constructing both, a...

05 Sep 2007

The Growth of Education in Tudor England under the Influences of Church and State

Tutorials/exercises - 3 pages - Medieval history

The growth of education in England is largely associated with the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and the rule of the Tudor monarchy. Although there are many factors which contributed to the advancement of education, it was the policies of church and state that had the greatest impact. It is...