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Medieval cities in the 13th century

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During the Middle Ages, the medieval cities in Europe left a legacy of past glory and slowly progressed towards becoming the greatest urban centers of Europe. These cities had emerged as real political entities with the advent of the eleventh century. The medieval cities had managed to amass so much power that they had claimed full political independence at times. Despite amassing so much power, these cities were forced to wage a war against feudalism that was a rampant phenomenon in those days.

Around the same time, the barons in England had forced King John to sign the Magna Carta in 1215. This was an attempt to limit the King's powers by law and protect the barons' privileges. The Magna Carta then proceeded to become the law in 1225. Through the Magna Carta, the barons held all the prerogatives of power in their stronghold. In this document, we will look at: How did the medieval cities acquire power? What were the reasons behind the rise in social relations at this time?

Tags: Magna Carta, Medieval European cities, War against feudalism

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