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American geography and society

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  1. Geography
    1. Regions
    2. The states
    3. The cities
  2. The American population
  3. The welfare state
  4. Education

The country is called the United States because it is made of 50 states, that come together to form one country. [USA = 13 colonies dans leur coin à la base, et pour convaincre les gens, ils ont employés un singulier, comme pour dire : c'est un seul pays] [50 states : France and departments. France to base one country then chopped up by department. USA « departments » who decides to unite to form a country]. We have to understand that the situation is very different from what we have in France, with the system of the departments: in France, the country as a whole existed way before the ?departments? were created. In America, some of the states (13 of the actually) existed before the country and it is because these states decided to unite and then the United States as a country was created.

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