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The short-lived decorations and installations set up during the parties given by Louis XIV in Versailles

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  1. Introduction
  2. Sources
  3. Introduction of the parties in Versailles
  4. The Pleasures of the Enchanted Isle
  5. 1674 : The Divertissements of Versailles
  6. Conclusion

In 1661 Louis XIV decided to spend more and more time at Versailles, the former hunting lodge of his father, the King Louis XII. However, and in spite of the begun works, the interior of the Palace remained too small for the parties. In that way the parties were given in the garden, masterfully ordered and decorated by André Le Nôtre.

Indeed, the parties, beyond being a divertissement, were political moments where the King celebrated or demonstrated his recent choices or victories.
So the party of 1664 was dedicated to the beginning of the works on the Palace and in the garden, to Louise de La Vallière the mistress of the King and to the trial of Fouquet. The party of 1668 was dedicated to the treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle (the end of the war of Devolution against Spain), to the Marquise of Montespan the new mistress of the King and to the extension and new fountains of the park.

The party of 1674 was dedicated to the triumph of the Marquise of Montespan, to the second conquest of the Franche-Comté and to the completion of the park of Versailles.