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A little story of Asian Immigration in the American West

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  1. Who are they?
  2. When the first came to settle
  3. Where they settled
  4. Why usa
  5. The conditions of departure
  6. Their living and working conditions
  7. Their integration
  8. How they are viewed
  9. Discrimination through law
  10. Discrimination by the population
  11. End of restrictions
  12. Their contribution

The story of the immigration of the Asian community to America is, like many other immigration stories. People do not casually leave an inherited way of life. Events must be extreme enough at home to compel them to go elsewhere. The history of Asian immigrants coming to settle in the New World is a history of diversity in spite of what one would tend to think. Although these immigrants were considered as part of one group, each community has its own background, its own traditions, its own underlying motives to leave everything behind and start anew in an unknown country and more than that, a white country. This essay will try to provide an overall view of this Asian immigration to the US, by first, identifying who these immigrants are, when they first came to settle, and where they settled. Then, we will move on and examine the motivations lying behind their choice for the New World as their Promised Land.

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