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American colonies

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  1. Introduction
  2. Market reforms create the conditions for the penetration of foreign companies
  3. The United Fruit Company against dictatorial regimes
  4. The emergence of a labor movement
  5. The 1929 crisis has affected the monopoly of the United Fruit Company
  6. Expectancy from 1944 to the coup of 1954
  7. Conclusion

The colonization of North America began in the early seventeenth century and was mainly carried out by Spain, France and England. British colonization was inaugurated in 1607 by the establishment of the first colony, organized around the city of Jamestown, Virginia. Throughout the century, the Puritans, persecuted in their country came to populate the colonies of New England and the northern colonies as England seized the Dutch possessions (New York, New Jersey and Delaware) in 1664. Finally, the last two settlements were established in Pennsylvania in 1681 and Georgia in 1732. Half of the thirteen British colonies emerged in nearly a century, independent of each other, different in their organization, and linked to the Crown in different ways. The thirteen red and white horizontal bands that are still found on the current American flag are in honor of these thirteen founding colonies.

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