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Archeology: the rural settlement in the Middle Ages

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beginning of Nationalists drift
    1. The progressive integration of Jews
    2. The legacy of traditional Judaism
    3. Persistent prejudices
  3. The rise of antisemitism in the 1880s
    1. The Jew, 'scapegoat of modernity '
    2. Strengthening the construction of identity in race
    3. Discomfort spread by the press and the literature
  4. The violent antisemitism led to a division of corporations
    1. Of termination to the exclusion
    2. The instrumentalization of anti-Semitism by political forces
    3. Zionism, a response to the barbaric antisemitism

There has been a strong public interest, especially for movies of Lara Croft or Indiana Jones. The museum attendance did not budge, either in Paris or in other provinces. The themes often were composed of attractive options like Egypt, Babylon or the classical Greece. The Archaeology may be classified as fantasy in movies, but the archaeologist is at first a foremost hero of romance. The problem is that archeology is connoted with adventure, treasure hunting (exoticism and dreams). The recurring themes are: the Holy Grail, Atlantis, or the cities of gold. The danger is that this literature claims the real deal, but this is not the case. A historian must make the finding and reflect on the novels and comics to get rid of his imagination. We must therefore take a step back, before attacking this job, in search for truth. It is not easy to measure, and the theory of euhemerism is authentic, and must give substance to these enigmas and fantasies into a reality. Plato speaks of the Critias, Atlantis. The pyramid is on the 30th parallel and the slopes towards the cardinal points. It was concluded that this was a monument summarizing all mathematical knowledge. They were found in the works of some archaeologists.

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