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Assessment of the First World War

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  1. The operations of annihilation: Actions tailored to the strategic problems of the revolutionary war
    1. Problems and specific features of the Red Army
    2. The dualism of operations of annihilation:The weakening of the enemy combined to strengthen the Red Army
  2. The refusal of passivity: necessary condition for the implementation of the actions of annihilation
    1. The role of the population for the military offensive
    2. The number and mobility for the success of the offensive

The First World War proved costly for Europe as it was left reeling under the effects of the loss of human life, destruction of economic infrastructure, and imbalance of financial and foreign trade. The deterioration was increasingly apparent by the end of last century, described in the "Decline of Europe" by geographer Demangeot in 1920 and "The Decline of the West" by German philosopher Spengler. It was even more difficult to curb their divisions and their political problems which had been aggravated by the war. Europe witnessed a profound moral crisis and a questioning of fundamental values which were far less disputed in the Western civilization.

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