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Austria and the Thirty year old war

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  1. A family that is closely linked with the US authorities
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    2. The incarnation of the "model family" in the American myth of the Kennedys
  2. A controversial ?clan?
    1. The hidden faces of the Kennedy clan
    2. The end of a myth?

The Europe of the seventeenth century was marked by a schism between Protestants and Catholics. The major powers took two different directions: they accepted some reforms on behalf of the Peace of Augsburg (cujus regio, ejus religio "), and on the other hand, the others attempted to impose reforms and prohibited the practice of Protestantism. Since the thirteenth century, Austria was dominated by the Habsburg dynasty. Indeed, by crossing the Alps in the twelfth century, the Habsburgs were able to reach the Danube and so they united the former territory of the March of the East with the eastern Alps, thereby creating a new state, Austria ( Österreich, or the kingdom of the east). Until the seventeenth century, Austria suffered numerous assaults, which it resisted and countered the claims of neighboring princes and emerged from the suzerainty of the empire. In 1619, Ferdinand II became the Archduke of Austria. He also received the title of King of Bohemia, king of Hungary and was elected Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. This marked the beginning of his reign and started the Thirty Years War. It therefore seems important to understand the role that the War of Thirty Years and Ferdinand has played on the evolution of Austria. The approach will attempt to make us understand the changes before the war and after the war. Therefore, the whole war period is mobilized from 1618 to 1648. The presentation will focus also about the fighting and the remarks on Austria in order to remove the possible consequences of the conflict on the Austrian state. In the first part, we will focus on the course of the Thirty Years War to show the founding role on Austria.

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