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Between Revolution and Restoration

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  1. May 1814-june 1815: a condensed thirty years of confrontation
  2. Fall back to the great nation
  3. An economy of transition
  4. The owners of France
  5. References of cultural and ideological exploded

On May 2, the notables who had supported the First Consul came to meet Louis XVIII in Saint-Ouen, to propose a draft Constitution. The royal answer seems to deny any legitimacy to the revolutionary gains, 'Louis by the grace of God, King of France and Navarre...', the preamble seems to strike a 30-year history, and the revolution is at once ambiguous. It recognizes the important freedom. On 4 June, the king gives a charter. The text is dated to the 19th year of his reign, and therefore binding any break in the dynastic continuity. Catholicism was restored as the state religion.

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