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British colonial Empire

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  1. A family that is closely linked with the US authorities
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The British Colonial Empire is among the oldest and was certainly the longest lasting. They began their policy of colonization in the sixteenth century and continued to be in charge of the largest colonial empire in the world until 1914.

Nevertheless, this colonization took place gradually and with different ideologies. Thus, the colonization that occurred between the sixteenth to the eighteenth century was mercantilist-inspired and based on the possession of monetary wealth and the capacity of expansion to the markets of the metropolis.

It was with this logic, that the colonies in North America, the Caribbean (the "Leeward Islands"), or India were acquired. A second imperialist movement emerged in the nineteenth century and lasted until the revolution of the 1870, it was based on the idea that colonies were valid only for profit.

The United Kingdom changed its policy under the leadership of Disraeli and Chamberlain to withstand the pressure of nationalist and imperialist European countries after 1870. In 1914, with 33 million km and more than 250 million people, the British colonial empire was the largest and most populous in the world.

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