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Catholic militancy in Europe between 1870 and 1914

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  1. A family that is closely linked with the US authorities
    1. A strong commitment to the American political and economic life
    2. The incarnation of the "model family" in the American myth of the Kennedys
  2. A controversial ?clan?
    1. The hidden faces of the Kennedy clan
    2. The end of a myth?

The "disenchantment of the world" as theorized by Max Weber describes very well the crisis of religion - and Christianity in particular - in the latter part of the 19th century. Challenged the philosophical point of view from outside, by positivism, as well as from within by modernism, the Catholic Church saw its temporal power disappear with the occupation of Rome. Then an institution at risk declined around an intransigent fundamentalism that made anti-liberalism activist the raison d'être. However, it was from this liberalism that Catholics had developed a vision of modernity and offered the proletarian masses a project with the aim of social reform. However, if the emerging "Christian Democracy" had struggled to invest in the political arena in an unfavorable context, it was in this period of crisis that the Catholic Church succeeded in giving birth to an associative network and provided not only economic roots in contemporary societies but also the success of Catholic activism to take over Europe after two world wars. We will therefore demonstrate how, from a rejection of bourgeois modernity, militant Catholicism is the bearer of a social doctrine and policy. We also see how it can influence this same modernity by posing as an alternative to plutocratic individualism than materialistic socialism.

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