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Change of the statute of the Japanese women between the period Heian (794 - 1185) and the era Muromachi (1333 - 1587): history of a downgrading?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The protesters: who are they and what do they claim?
    1. The student and feminist demands: challenges from the heart of traditional society
    2. Claims of smaller groups
    3. Anti-culture protest?
  3. Characteristics of the protest
    1. The power of symbols
    2. Prominent figures of the movements
    3. Collective movements
  4. Conclusion

In the Heian period, Japanese women seemed to enjoy a relatively high position, so much so that some historians reject the appellation of "patriarchal" for that period (Wakita: 79).

Other authors, instead, focus on the dominant position of women, from the seventh century. However, it seems that women were even more dominated with the establishment of a government of warriors and the status of women in the Muromachi period was even less favorable than that of their ancestors.

What was the exact situation? What were the rights and status of women, and their limitations in the two periods under consideration? How was change, if any, made?

Tags: Position of Japanese women, change of statute of Japanese women, status of women in Muromachi period

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