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Cuba crisis (october 1962)

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  1. Descrition of the Cuba crisis
    1. The premises of the American strategy
    2. The begining of the negociations
    3. The solving of the crisis 8
  2. Hofstede's theory applied to USA and USSR
  3. Hofstede and the Cuba crisis
    1. The power distance
    2. The uncertainty avoidance
    3. Individuality and collectivism
    4. Masculanity and feminity

In autumn 1962, the United States of America and USSR were on the verge of starting a war owing to arrival of Fidel Castro as the ?head of power' in Cuba. In April 1961, the American Army tried to invade Cuba in order to overthrow Castro from his position but the efforts went in vain and the failure experienced was overwhelming for Kennedy and the United States of America in totality. In retaliation to this invasion, Cuba turned to communism. Khouchtchev decided then to help Castro and Cuba, by rendering a helpful hand to implement a defensive force. However, the consequences of these events were totally unexpected! In the first part of the essay I will try to summarize the different steps of this crisis and then go on to vividly describe the American strategy to the tackle the crisis. Finally to get a better perception of this case, I will try to apply Hoefstede's theories to gain more lucidity on aspects like how cultures influenced the bargaining? How the values defined by Hoefstede characterized the talks between USSR etc..

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