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Economic crisis and projects of European unit in the Thirties

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Dilemma of Britain
    1. A real lack of interest in Europe
    2. An ambiguous response or 'Cordial bail'
  3. The need to protect Britain's global interests
    1. Europe against Commonwealth
    2. Europe against the rest of the world
  4. The need to channel this plan was said to be too ambitious
    1. Insert the plan in the League
    2. Too rapid?

The U.S. crisis came in the late twenties crisis, amplifying the imbalances European continent. The economic crisis seemed to initiate a process of economic unification. Several models of Europe were thus thought about during the thirties. The economic and financial issues raised by the crisis are the focus of the debate on European unification. Cooperation between states appears as a remedy for the crisis. The European rapprochement, however, must cope with differing economic and political superpowers. These difficulties of international cooperation highlight the idea that projects of global organization are too bold. With the failure of federal projects, the idea of regionalist projects emerged as progressive, which therefore seems to correspond better to the international context of the thirties. The crisis facing Europe presents real difficulties of convergence of economic organization of the European space. Is European cooperation able to overcome these differences in economic policies? The question arises whether there are political conflicts between European powers, or the economic crisis in itself constitutes an obstacle to the process of economic unification. We argue that the unification process is split between the European cohesion in the thirties.

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