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Economy, company and culture in France since 1945

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Dilemma of Britain
    1. A real lack of interest in Europe
    2. An ambiguous response or 'Cordial bail'
  3. The need to protect Britain's global interests
    1. Europe against Commonwealth
    2. Europe against the rest of the world
  4. The need to channel this plan was said to be too ambitious
    1. Insert the plan in the League
    2. Too rapid?

The social, cultural and economic changes that France has known since 1945 mirror those of the entire planet. France was among countries that coped well in this half-century of upheaval. It was modernized, and knew no conflict on its soil since the end of the war in Algeria (1962).

Despite the crisis and unemployment, France experienced the most prosperous and least violent years in its history from 1945 to 1973, when the first oil shock affected it. Rebuilt in the mid-1950s, France has, over the years, improved its industry performance, and, thanks to the CAP, it has finally managed to modernize its agriculture.

However it must be remembered that a war boom has its setbacks. Some have not benefited, such as the elderly (due to low pensions), while others have benefited little, such as farmers or immigrants (the last slums have disappeared around 1970).

This uneven distribution of the fruits of growth, inflation, and some aspects of changing lifestyles brought about by the modernization of the economy ("metro, boulot, dodo") explain, in part, the challenge faced in May 1968. We will thus focus on studying the post-war period, too often considered as a period of prosperity in full and without nuance.

Tags: French economy, France since 1945, modernization of French economy, French war with Algeria

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