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England at the 17th century

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  1. A family that is closely linked with the US authorities
    1. A strong commitment to the American political and economic life
    2. The incarnation of the "model family" in the American myth of the Kennedys
  2. A controversial ?clan?
    1. The hidden faces of the Kennedy clan
    2. The end of a myth?

In the seventeenth century, different countries were formed in Europe and were competing to establish their power.

In the seventeenth century, England was a parliamentary monarchy, i.e.the powers were separated, and divided between the king and the parliament. The king holds the executive power and the legislative power rests with Parliament and consists of the House of Lords and the House of Commons. This political system can theoretically dampen the power of the monarchs.

Jacques I reigned from 1603 to 1625 and disliked the power being in the hands of the parliament.

Charles I was the son of Jacques I and seemed different from his father in the early years of his reign. He married Henrietta Maria de Bourbon, who was Roman Catholic.

Later, Charles I became a tyrant and imposed Anglicanism and absolutism.

The Puritan English, began to fear the return of Catholicism and the Scots worried about their religious freedom after the Charles tried to impose a new Presbyterian prayer book.

Tags - England, 17th Century, political power, King, parliament

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