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English parliamentarism: a democratic regime?

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  1. Introduction
    1. Definitions
    2. What is Subway concept?
    3. Why is it called Subway?
    4. Why the name was not translated to French
    5. Slogan
  2. Subway's adaptation to French culture and gastronomy
  3. Conclusion

Compared to France, whose history is riddled with outbreaks of revolutionary violence, the UK has displayed a marked tendency for adopting reforms, following the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which opted for a pragmatic approach to address empirical discontent before it led to a more radical development. Hence the country experienced a revolution that was markedly less sensitive but gradual. Thus liberalism (understood in its broad sense, i.e.,the right of individuals to exercise their freedom, especially in the predominant social class: the bourgeois) is more a part of British political life than that of the French, because it is rooted in the tradition of habeas corpus, and the Bill of Rights that limit the arbitrary power of the king and proclaimed fundamental freedom. In this document, we will discuss Britain's democratic ideal, which emerged due to the revolution of 1848, and was enshrined in the space of a few months with the proclamation of universal suffrage. We will first see that the English parliamentary system remains fundamentally unequal throughout the nineteenth century; a situation related to dominant liberalism and an archaic electoral system. In the second step, we will highlight the gradual reforms (across the century) that lead to the establishment of a democracy backed by steadily rising democratic consciousness in civil society and politics.

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