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Europe under Soviet supervision (1945-1991)

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beginning of Nationalists drift
    1. The progressive integration of Jews
    2. The legacy of traditional Judaism
    3. Persistent prejudices
  3. The rise of antisemitism in the 1880s
    1. The Jew, 'scapegoat of modernity '
    2. Strengthening the construction of identity in race
    3. Discomfort spread by the press and the literature
  4. The violent antisemitism led to a division of corporations
    1. Of termination to the exclusion
    2. The instrumentalization of anti-Semitism by political forces
    3. Zionism, a response to the barbaric antisemitism

During the Second World War, many countries of Eastern Europe were occupied by Nazi Germany. This was the case of Poland, Czechoslovakia and western Serbia.

Others were allies of the latter, such as Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. It is within this context that, from 1944 to 1945, the USSR "released" all these countries and subsequently established a genuine Soviet tutelage.

How did the USSR proceed to establish guardianship in this country of Eastern Europe? What were the consequences?

Tags: Nazi Germany occupied Eastern Europe, Europe under Soviet supervision

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