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Exclusion of Yugoslavia: causes and consequences

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beginning of Nationalists drift
    1. The progressive integration of Jews
    2. The legacy of traditional Judaism
    3. Persistent prejudices
  3. The rise of antisemitism in the 1880s
    1. The Jew, 'scapegoat of modernity '
    2. Strengthening the construction of identity in race
    3. Discomfort spread by the press and the literature
  4. The violent antisemitism led to a division of corporations
    1. Of termination to the exclusion
    2. The instrumentalization of anti-Semitism by political forces
    3. Zionism, a response to the barbaric antisemitism

In the old continent, the relations between countries and nations have never been remarkably simple. On the contrary, the latter, was not content to share a small piece of land worldwide, and oscillated between peace and war. The alliances and betrayals happened from the fall of the Roman Empire until the early 21st century. This is the evidence for the millennial rivalry of England. The rivalry was finally put in brackets by the Entente Cordiale, signed in 1904, and marked the end of what seemed like an eternal conflict (or maybe just a break). Prussia did not cut itself from the European rule. Between irresistible attraction and inveterate hatred, it aroused feelings of its neighbors that were least contradictory. As noted by Theodore Zeldin in his book, "History of French Passions ", "If France was married to country, this would be Germany," and not England, with whom, it is after all is a simple love affair, a flirtation, bonding with no real future." Indeed, the attraction of the French vis-à-vis Germany was felt especially during the 19th century.

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