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The fall of the Soviet Union

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  1. Result of the Soviet fall in the year 1991
  2. Turn to democracy
  3. Decrease of the European dependence on the United States
  4. Rush in the Second World War to change to industrialist civilization and also economies
  5. Insight and familiarity are issue that shape answer to political surroundings

As a result of the Soviet fall in the year 1991, there were many changes in Europe. After the collapse of the Soviet Union there were recently created Eastern Europe countries which found themselves brought into the new era. (Keohane, Robert 2010) Many people relied on the system of socialism derived from the Soviet Union. They needed it to help them with every facet of their lives. However, because of this newfound freedom the populace had many changes compulsory to their freedom All what was in their mind had been gone and as a result many had no option of where to take themselves.

[...] Finally the following are social environmental issues that have effect our world. There are very many environmental issues that are affecting our world today Global warming and the climatic change. This threaten to melt polar ice caps which relocate people from coastal cities and tropical islands and they get to a dangerous tipping point that influence the survival of the nation (Nye, Joseph S2010) Electronic and Nuclear waste. This one is very dangerous which cause enormous contamination and also health difficulty as an outcome of many computers, laptops radios and also TV Sets are discarded every year in urbanized societies and then deserted in third world countries. [...]

[...] The uproar was a direct result of the Soviet Union's deterioration. As result Soviet Union fall, unsurprisingly people turned to democracy which they described as their new structure of administration. This structure would present the liberty which was needed by the people of Eastern Europe. Despite being in need of the democratic nation, they were limited by their lack of the needed skill so as to get it. One of these skills included the capability to employ political discovery. An additional skill was the aptitude to compromise, which was well understood because of the Marxist rule for several years. [...]

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