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Foreign policies of Germany and France between 1919 and 1939

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  1. The confrontation of the two powers
    1. Germany and France: the roots of the struggle
    2. Security and imperialism: French foreign policy and German resistance
    3. Consequences on international relations
  2. Myth and reality of German and French foreign policies
    1. Locarno Pact: a new policy?
    2. The end of the myth: collective security and its failure
    3. Nazi foreign policy and its consequences

France and Germany were among the key elements of international relations during the interwar era. They were the two powers that were most involved in World War I. This war was however not the last of its kind as many people hoped, the two powers were soon very involved in the Second World War as well. It is therefore essential to analyze and compare the foreign policies of France and Germany in order to understand reasons for the breakout of the war. In this paper we will compare the foreign policies of both countries and highlight the impact of these policies on international relations and international order. We will first consider the differences in the two policies and then highlight the continuity of these policies during the interwar era.

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