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History of Turkish revolution : the reforms

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  1. Reforms
    1. Reforms of the State
    2. Legal reforms
  2. Purposes of the reforms
    1. Westernization
    2. Stabilization and rupture with the past

Since its creation in 1923, The Republic of Turkey has been lead by the idea of modernization. Both the social and the political order was radically changed by the revolution that established the new regime due to Kemal Atatürk's role during and after the war of liberation. The Ottoman Empire, 'the sick man of Europe' had collapsed. By secret wartime agreements, Allies agreed to distribute among themselves parts of the former empire, helped by the collaboration of the docile government of the still-in-charge Sultan, and later completed by the signature of the treaty of Sèvres in 1920. The landing of Greek troops in Izmir in may 1919, the ultimate menace of the Byzantine, 'Great Idea' was the final humiliation that ignited the war of liberation and the rise of a new Republic. On July 24, 1923 the Treaty of Lausanne was signed, victorious Turkey had rebuilt its territory and was making its sovereignty inl the territory, known to the whole international community. The new Republic had to settle its own form and structure of state in order to not doing errors.

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