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Immigration, race & ethnicity in France : how and why did political reactions to immigrants change during the 1970s?

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  1. The world economic downturn of 1973 and the crisis and the unemployment in France
  2. Immigration' starts to be considered as an incontrovertible issue in most political debates of the 1970s - the 'ethnicization of politics'
  3. Concerning the immigration issue, the political consensus, which ruled prior to the mid-1970s, bursts

Immigration is an old phenomenon in France, which was the subject of the will for most French governments, due to France's demographic lifelessness. During the post-war period, France wilfully resorted to immigration in order to make up for the lack of workforce, which was mandatory for France's economic and physical reconstruction. Thus, since the resort to labor migration seemed to have for a pattern an economic logic after the World War 2, immigration was not raised as a political question. Issues of immigration control or even of "integration? of immigrant workers in French society were not current affairs. It is for these reasons that suspension of labor migration by non-EC nationals can be justifiably considered as a turning point in French immigration policy. How and why did political reactions towards the immigrants change during the 1970 in France? It has to be said that France was hit during the 1970s by the world economic crisis, which has had numerous and important social and political repercussions in France. And with the emergence of mass unemployment, presence of immigrant workers in France was not easily accepted anymore.

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