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Life and history of Jane Adams

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Jane Addams?Historical Biography.
  3. Jane's Philosophy.
  4. Democracy.
  5. The Evolution of Hull House and Its Success.
  6. The Success of Hull House.
  7. Conclusion.

Throughout the course of history, there have been numerous female leaders that have demonstrated their strength and courage to the world. While many of these leaders have been written about in the annals of history, some have left a timeless impression on society, such that their ideas and memories are known by millions. Such is the case with Jane Addams. The founder of Chicago's Hull House, Addams is well remembered not only for her contributions to the community, but also for her efforts to improve society and achieve international peace.When the life and history of Jane Addams are examined overall, it is evident that this woman had a substantial impact on both the community that she lived in and the larger world stage. Given the notable accomplishments of Addams, it is pertinent to consider not only this leader's contributions but also her philosophy of life. To this end, this investigation considers the life, work and spirit of Jane Addams. In order to provide a clear overview of her philosophy, an examination of Hull House, its development and its overall success will be discussed.

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[...] The Evolution of Hull House and Its Success The Evolution of Hull House With a more integral understanding of the specific ideologies that were embraced by Jane Addams, it is now possible to consider the evolution of Hull House and its success in the years since its establishment. Considering first the evolution of Hull House, researchers note that this institution developed as a direct consequence of the social problems that Jane Addams saw developing during the industrial revolution.[xxxvii] Specifically, this author notes that: ?Class conflict, residential segregation, and the lack of communication between different segments of the population created a world which differed sharply from that of small- town America. [...]

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