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Nelson Mandela and his life history

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  1. Introduction
  2. The beginning of Nationalists drift
    1. The progressive integration of Jews
    2. The legacy of traditional Judaism
    3. Persistent prejudices
  3. The rise of antisemitism in the 1880s
    1. The Jew, 'scapegoat of modernity '
    2. Strengthening the construction of identity in race
    3. Discomfort spread by the press and the literature
  4. The violent antisemitism led to a division of corporations
    1. Of termination to the exclusion
    2. The instrumentalization of anti-Semitism by political forces
    3. Zionism, a response to the barbaric antisemitism

Nelson Mandela is now recognized all over the world for his participation in the dismantling of the apartheid in Africa and also for his active involvement in defending human rights. He became the first black president of South Africa and was elected democratically in 1994. He left behind a path strewn with struggles and trials. The following work initially presents Nelson Mandela and the highlights of his life in order to define the South African apartheid.

In this paper, we look at the impact of apartheid on South African society and Nelson Mandela's role in the fight against it. Nelson Mandela made his entry in politics in the 1940s. After completing his law studies at the University of Fort Hare, he founded the ANC or the 'African National Congress Youth League'

Tags - ANC, Youth League, Nelson Mandela

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