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Once upon a time in Latin Europe

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  1. History of Latin European countries
    1. Italy : the Romanian empire
    2. Portugal :colonial empire (15th/17th century)
    3. Spain : a brief history
    4. France : colonial empire
    5. European Union

Europe is composed of several backgrounds. History, languages, values, and beliefs, each part are closely related to the other. How then may we characterize those parts? To understand Latin Europe, we have to define its past and discover where the word Latin comes from? Latin, is derived from Latinus, "belonging to Latium", the region of Italy around Rome, and possibly from stela, "to spread, extend", with a sense of "flat country", as opposed to the mountainous district of the Sabines. More than 2000 years ago, Romanian spread off Latin culture through Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. Influenced by this conquering culture, those countries had created their own Latin way of life and a worldwide empire.

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