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Revolutionary music: The Republicans and the Anarchists

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  1. The New York Punk Movement - 1973.
  2. Regarding what makes music so vital.
  3. Some people today may consider Punk to have been a licentious culture.
  4. French Revolution - many songs written to inspire revolutionaries.
  5. Violence has been a part of many major revolutions throughout history.
  6. Today, music is professionally acknowledged as being highly influential.

Music is a creation capable of greatly influencing and inspiring the people that it reaches. Many musicians and scholars suggest that a generation may even be defined by its choice of music. Music is even revered by some as a form of therapy, believed to have the ability to reach a person's subconscious, perhaps speaking to them subliminally. According to Scotsman Stewart Tawes, strong Scottish bagpipes players marched in front of the troops as they headed for battle. This music reached the hearts of the soldiers and inspired them to remain strong and brave. During the American Revolution, snare drums were used in a similar fashion. Although music has played a critical role in influencing many of history's revolutions, none is more evident than in the cases of the French Revolution and the more recent New York Punk Movement.

[...] Violence is commonly associated with Punk Rock music but the case is the same with many of France's revolutionary songs. In ?Réveil du peuple? meaning Alarm of the People?[11], the theme is a violent revenge for the Reign of Terror. With lyrics referring to war, death, blood, and slaughter and encouraging an act of violent vengeance, it would be naïve to believe that such themes are only found in modern music. That passion is a major part of what makes it so revolutionary. [...]

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