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The British Monarchy

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  1. The history of the british monarchy
    1. History of the monarchy from 802 until 1603
    2. History of the monarchy from 1603 until today
  2. The Queen, the monarchy and the UK
    1. The major particularity of the UK : its Constitution
    2. The current role of the monarch
    3. The government of the UK
  3. English monarchy against its faith
  4. The media coverage of the British monarchy
    1. Historical background
    2. Lady Di and her relationship with the medias
    3. Buckingham and the press nowadays

Firstly, the history of the monarchy through the course of its existence through numerous centuries will be dealt with. Secondly, a detailed discussion about the modern role of the Queen and her power in the United Kingdom will be charted out. Thirdly a debate on ?what the fate of the future of the monarchy will be' will be put forth with utmost lucidity. Finally it will be described as to how the royal family will be portrayed to the viewers by the media.

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