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The classic maya collapse: the end of the mystery?

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  1. Commercial objective VS ''disinterested'' search for ''truth''
  2. Subjectivity VS scientific approach
    1. Ethnocentrism VS cultural relativism
    2. Unjustified assertions and misinformation VS scientific precaution

The fall of the Late Classic Maya civilization created an outburst and a conclusion was arrived as ?The end of the mystery phase'. In other words, one can say that the mystery has eclipsed. As famous as the southern lowlands, the Maya civilization had gained its identity for its unique art and architecture. However, their importance has increased even after its downfall and a situation known as ?the Maya Collapse' (Evans 2008:318) was introduced. A myth was progressively created, known as ?the myth of the mysterious Maya' once again coined by Evans 2008:318. This myth has particularly captured strong public interest and imagination and has further triggered a controversial debate among scholars who have attempted to solve this long standing conundrum. The fascination around this enigma is illustrated by the huge number of publications which deal with this theme. Indeed, ?the available books and articles about them [as per the Classic Maya of the southern lowlands] outnumber those pertaining to any other Mesoamerican culture of similar temporal and spatial extent' (Evans 2008:318).

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