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The France and Europe of the Twenties

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  1. Strategy Analysis
    1. The State of the overall market demand
    2. Competitive Analysis
    3. Regulatory Developments
  2. Research of the strategic choices
    1. Conceptual Analysis
    2. Strategic approaches
  3. Justification of strategic choices
    1. Justification in relation to internal capabilities
    2. Justification in relation to the changing environment
  4. Change in Strategy
    1. Changes likely
    2. Advancement
  5. Rationale of the strategy by a strategic analysis tool
  6. Analysis of coherence between the strategic choices of the firm and the accounting and financial information.
    1. Structure Analysis
    2. Evolution of the operating cycle
    3. Analysis of results

After the end of the War to "End All Wars", which spread human moral, economic and material devastation, France, like the rest of Europe, was trying, with great difficulty, to wake up again. In that context we see a torn Europe which was looking ahead 20 years, to a longed-for peace which, despite French efforts, did not bear fruit. Thus, in an "old continent", which had lost its economic dominance in production and trade, there was a dim view of the expansion of the United States and Japan. France, despite its position as winner seemed completely destabilized. In addition, the weakening of democracies threatened by the emergence of authoritarian regimes and the birth in the colonies of a desire for change, announced many changes.

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