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The Frontier

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  1. How West settlement transformed american economy
    1. Movement Westward
    2. Shaping a New Economy
  2. The end of the frontier and its impact on modern american economy
    1. Frederick Jackson Turner's Theory
    2. The Frontier in Modern Economy

During the 19th century the American economy grew rapidly. New inventions and capital investment led to the creation of new industries and led to economic growth. With the development of various modes of effective transportation the opportunities for new business ventures increased. However, conditions along the entire Atlantic coast stimulated migration to the newer regions. From New England, where the soil was incapable of producing high yields of agriculture produce, many people left their coastal farms and villages to take advantage of the rich interior land of the continent.

[...] As the old frontier developed and became more like Europe, the new frontier began and the country was reborn on a smaller scale. B. The Frontier in Modern Economy The American frontier contributed to today's American culture and affected greatly modern American economy. The difference in American institutions from those of any other nation is that American institutions have a way of adapting themselves to the growing, changing nation for which they were imposed. This is due to the fact that during the Frontier period, the United States developed ever more complex institutions to match its growth. [...]

[...] This mobility is inherited from the frontier days, in which moving west to settle the country held more than territorial significance: it expressed American's belief that their was an almost boundless land of freedom and opportunity, where it was possible to make a fresh start elsewhere. This mobility is also present in the American character which is forward- looking, energetic, optimistic. Americans take pride in living in society that is not static but the move?. This explains the dynamism of the American economy since mobility helps spread business and industry. [...]

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