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The history of the Jagiellonian university: The history of Krakow

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The flourishing beginnings.
    1. Kazimierz the Great.
    2. The restoration of Krakow's University.
    3. A real Golden Age.
  3. The first difficulties.
    1. The Rector and the Bishop's refusal of the ideas of the Reformation.
    2. The authorities boasting about the best professors of the kingdom and in Central Europe.
  4. The difficult XXth century.
  5. COnclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

Since its foundation in 1364, the University of Krakow has known a destiny unique of its kind. It was the second university created in Central Europe after the one in Prague ? created in 1348 - and before many others afterward like in Vienna (1365), Pécs (1367), and Erfurt (1379). All along the stormy history of Poland, the first Polish University has always managed to survive, resisted and nearly never stopped functioning, even during the worst periods. The characters the Cracovians are ever so proud of have mostly studied in the Jagiellonian University, such as Mikolaj Kopernik and of course Karol Wojtyla, but also we will see that the University has participated in the most important historical events of the town and even of the country.

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