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The Meiji Era and the Role of Kido Koin in the Modernization of Nineteenth-century Japan

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  1. Why Kido KÃ'in represents the great changes of the Meiji era
  2. Kido's personal life
  3. Kido's observation of European and American societies
  4. The political modernization

The great changes of the Meiji era have been significantly impacted by the life of Kido. The similarity can be drawn through various phases. Firstly, Kido was identified as one of the leaders who was powerful enough in 1868 to restore the crown as ?emperor' and retain the central position of Japan and thereby initiate the revolutionary changes of the Meiji restoration. Secondly, Kido's personal life can be considered as a reflection of a microcosm of the Meiji period. In this essay, I will begin by focusing on a particular view point to a general view point. In this regard, part one of the essay will be devoted to the character of Kido Kôin only. It will focus on the way in which his life reflected the major developments of the Meiji era. Subsequently in the second part, I will analyze the general elements of change and continuity in the age of Meiji, highlighting the measures implemented by Kido.

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