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To what extent did Indigenous people resist European colonisation?

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  1. The European settlement
  2. The demographic catastrophe
  3. The economic Natives-newcomers cooperation
  4. The Natives-newcomers coexistence
  5. The resistance of the indigenous people

"By what right or warrant can we enter into the land of these Savages, take away their rightful inheritance from them, and plant ourselves in their place, being unwronged or unprovoked by them?" For most of the English people, colonization was a way to spread liberty and the "good religion". But behind these generous civilizing settlements lurks a pure economic interest. We will study the general interactions between colonizers who are more particularly the English and the colonized people, especially in North America during the 17th and the 18th centuries. Even if Native Americans largely outnumbered the colonists at the beginning of the 17th century, they were around 503,100 in the year 1600 whereas the colonists were only 300. The Europeans succeeded in controlling a large part of the continent. Therefore, it is interesting to examine to what extent the indigenous people had resisted European colonization. Did they naturally accept the coming and the settlement of colonizers on their lands? Or did they fight to keep their land and liberty? The answers to these questions are given in this document.

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