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U.S. history: America before and after 9/11

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  1. Bush's presidency
  2. The attacks on September 11, 2001
  3. Bush's war on terror
  4. The decimation of Iraq and Afghanistan

In 2001 after a controversial election, the U.S. had a new President, George W. Bush. Bush had lost the popular vote to Al Gore but had won the election due to the electoral college. But even in the case of the electoral college, he only won because of Florida, which he had only narrowly won by 537 votes. There was debate over whether there was tampering in the Florida election and a recount was denied by conservative majority Supreme Court.

[...] The incessant bombing turned cities to rubble, which they are still recovering from. The Coalition Provisional Authority was soon put in place as a transitional government. Under them, Paul Bremer put in place the One Hundred Orders, which altered many of Iraq's existing laws to replace them with something ?better?. The extensive economic policies which these orders put in place had a lasting negative effect on Iraq's economy. These orders that were put in place are also technically illegal under international law. Along with this, the U.S. [...]

[...] The 4th plane was intended to be crashed in either the White House or the Capital building, but was unsuccessful. The passengers of that flight were able to somewhat successfully fight back against the hijacking terrorists, who were armed with utility knives and bombs (which were later found out to be fake). The passengers fighting against the hijackers led to the unsuccessful 4th plane being crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The passengers, crew, and terrorists all died in the crash. [...]

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