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Was Russia a modern country in 1914?

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  1. The tyranny form of government
    1. The concept of power
    2. The tyrant, the sole holder of power
  2. Tyranny, a controversial and transient system
    1. A controversial system
    2. A transient regime

The weakening of the Russian Empire in the early twentieth century was such that its power and prestige seemed to be based more on its military potential. Their army was a "steamroller" that was composed of about 8 million men.

In this paper we ask how far Russia could be considered a modern country at the beginning of the the First World War.

A seemingly modern political system:
The end of the nineteenth century confirmed the failure of a number of scattered isolated movements, like the revolutions of Nechaev and the populists that were preaching rebellion in the countryside.

Russia constituted itself into real political parties that aimed to seize power with popular support:
- Liberals were organized in the constitutional party 'KD' that was founded by Miliukov.
- Marxism spread slowly (against the wish of the populists who did not believe that this concept applied to Russia).

After Plekhanov, "the father of Russian Marxism," Lenin helped found the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Russia (RSDLP) in 1898.

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