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Why did the Jacobites fail?

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  1. The Whigs' government
  2. The Jacobite movement with regards to its protagonists and ideology
  3. The commitment of their foreign support

Immediately after the Glorious Revolution and James II's flight, Jacobitism appeared. Its aim was to restore the pretender of the House of Stuart. For six decades, advocates of the Stuart cause took part in several uprisings which started in Scotland. They also attempted coups during several government re-organizations. Despite the fierceness of the attempted coups, the Jacobite movement petered out in the late 1750s. To some extent, the question of the Jacobites failure raises other issues. Who were the Jacobites supporters in Great-Britain and abroad? How effective was foreign support? What was the reaction of the Whigs government? A full explanation of the Jacobites failures requires an analysis of the various elements of the Jacobite movement, which seem innocuous at first glance. Using this approach, it might be possible to give an answer to these complex questions.

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