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Why Europe of the Congress of Vienna is called into question after 1815?

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  1. Introduction
  2. The Dilemma of Britain
    1. A real lack of interest in Europe
    2. An ambiguous response or 'Cordial bail'
  3. The need to protect Britain's global interests
    1. Europe against Commonwealth
    2. Europe against the rest of the world
  4. The need to channel this plan was said to be too ambitious
    1. Insert the plan in the League
    2. Too rapid?

"Congress does not work, it dances." It is with this phrase that Prince Charles Joseph de Ligne described the Congress of Vienna. He was amused by the high aristocratic tradition of this congress which was manifested by his conservatism. After their victory over Napoleon in the spring of 1814, the four major victorious powers decided to convene in Vienna in a conference of all States in Europe. This conference brought together all the monarchs of Europe as well as many diplomats to draw Eastern Europe after Napoleon. However, it was mainly the expression of the will of the four powers which emerged victorious from Napoleon, namely Austria, Britain, Russia and Prussia, who introduced the "order of Vienna". It was this commitment that was imposed, as soon after the conference, many opponents of the new Europe appeared. How did Europe return to the "status quo ante bello" (in the words of Jean-Claude Caron and Michel Vernus), from the Congress of Vienna, which provoked a strong protest of the European peoples?

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