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Hiroshima By: John Hersey

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  1. Introduction
  2. A description of the book
  3. The stoy of Father Wilhelm Kleinsorge
  4. Nine days after the bomb was dropped
  5. A new insight into the power of the atomic bomb
  6. Conclusion

Ever since the very day the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15 AM, on August 6th, 1945, a question of ?moral or not?? sprang up in people's minds, even in the minds of the victims. Some people say the US did right in dropping the bomb to force Japan's surrender, even though it killed thousands of innocent people, while others say this is totally inhumane and should have never been done. This book is apparently written to draw its audience towards the latter of the two opinions. Its gruesome descriptions of the wounded and thorough details of the lives of the six survivors may work wonders with some people, to draw a ton of sympathy. I think the author, John Hersey, is more against than for the Hiroshima bombing, because the book is about the suffering of the people, not the triumph of the US government.

[...] Sasaki's care at a hospital, with her leg covered in a huge wound that wouldn't stop running pus for days and days, and her fever held up, sometimes as high as 104. Father Kleinsorge came to visit her, and brought out her faith in Christianity. After her talk with Father Kleinsorge, she began to gradually get better, and was finally able to leave the hospital. These six survivors of the bombing were still experiencing radiation poisoning even a year after the bomb was dropped, and ever worse, would experience the emotional trauma for the rest of their lives. [...]

[...] First, he had sent for priests to come to Asano Park, to help evacuate two heavily wounded priests. While in the park, Kleinsorge met two little girls, with the surname Kataoka, who were without their mother. He later on managed to get in touch with their brother and through him with their mother, luckily reuniting them all. The thousands of sickly wounded people lying around everywhere had changed Father Kleinsorge. Previously, he had been squeamish around a little cut, but now he was willing to help even the most gruesomely wounded. [...]

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