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1914-1945: A thirty year long war?

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  1. History of the French army
  2. Organization and composition of the French army
  3. The Army
  4. The Air Force
  5. Navy
  6. The National Gendarmerie
  7. The news of the French army
  8. Conclusion

On 28 July 1946 at Bar le Duc, General de Gaulle delivered a speech in which he asserted that 'the drama of the Thirty Years War, that we just won, included many adventures and saw many players come and go'. This sentence is heavy with meaning and highlights a major historiographical issue. Here it seems that there has been a continuity between the beginning of the First World War and the end of the second, as if, in fact, there had been a single war spanning the entire period from 1914-1945.

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