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America and the First World War

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  1. Introduction
  2. American involvement in the First World War
  3. America's drive into the War
  4. The April 4, 1917 speech
  5. American participation in The Great War
  6. The role of the journalists
  7. The incredible slaughter and death seen in the First World War
  8. The devastating effect of the American involvement in the war
  9. America's role in ending the First World War
  10. Conclusion
  11. Bibliography

The First World War was a tragedy that America entered under false pretenses and exited with lasting wounds. America's involvement was encouraged by those who had the least to lose from the war: industrialists, politicians, and journalists. Their efforts were crucial in shifting public opinion from isolationist to interventionist. The war itself led to the deaths of many young American soldiers, and created strife between white and African American soldiers. After the war, racial strife escalated to the level of riots and violence. In addition, after the war returning American soldiers carried the influenza epidemic of 1919 into America. The most devastating and longest lasting consequence of the war, however, was the least apparent.

[...] The reputation of America was that of a policeman, but the nation was far from ready or willing to be involved in such complex European affairs. Indeed, America's role as the global constabulary in Iraq, Somalia, Korea, and Bosnia can be traced back to our intervention in the First World War. America's involvement in the First World War was disastrous due to its deceptive inducement and its long lasting effects. Journalists, politicians, and industrialists all clamored for war in order to fulfill their own goals. [...]

[...] Opponent of the War Speaks Out: Senator Norris' Speech Before the Senate.? American Voices from World War I. Ed. Adrianne Ruggiero. New York: Marshall Cavendish 24-25. -Senator Norris' speech was used to demonstrate the protest among many Americans against the war. Norris speaks out against the disgusting profits made by munitions manufacturers in wartime. Passos, John Dos. Soldier's Disgust with the War.? World War Primary Sources. Ed. James D. Torr. San Diego: Lucent Books 34-36. -This letter from future novelist John Dos Passos to a friend clearly illustrates the horrors of war [...]

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