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An analysis of the Napoleon code

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?The Civil Code contain the laws that unite us and bring us together even beyond our borders' announced the president of the National Assembly, Jean Louis Debre in his speech on March 11, 2004, to mark the bicentenary of the Civil Code. After the French Revolution of 1789, the French law courts came into force. The drafting of the Civil Code was proposed in the year 1800 during the reign of Napoleon (from the end of 1789 until 1814). Napoleon was the First Consul and with the help of Civil Code, he reorganized and reformed the law. The creation of the Civil Code was initiated by a desire to clarify the law, unify and make it more accessible.

Of all the victories of Napoleon, the Civil Code was certainly one of the most recognized and its longevity is the proof of its popularity. The Civil Code was inspired by his writings on social and political changes that brought about the French Revolution. The notion of code is a set of laws together in one body and contains more or less comprehensive rules on one or several branches of law.

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