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Austria from 1850 to 1914

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  1. Taking stock of this treaty with the French
    1. A succession of thrones
    2. Geopolitical changes
    3. A revamped colonial empire
  2. France, a country slightly weakened by this treaty
    1. Market power, and military and colonial correlation
    2. Demographic and state power
  3. The beginning of the ascent of Great Britain
    1. Territory population, a revalued colonial empire
    2. A treaty that also benefited the allies of England: The Case of Portugal
    3. The English liberties thus have social and economic roots

On December 31, 1851, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg abolished the constitution which had been granted to the people in 1848 and returned to the old order by introducing the ' Bach system'. Legislatures and the Council of Ministers were removed. It was the neo-absolutist system of 'standing soldiers , sitting bureaucrats,kneeling priests and crawling spies'

Absolutist Bureaucracy expressed the will of the emperor and the army. The army was mainly composed of Germans and was loyal to Francis Joseph and was also responsible for fighting both the enemy within and the enemy outside. The police were omnipresent. The Catholic Church helped maintain unity and dozens of nationalities were living together (Italians, Romanians, Hungarians, Germans, Slavs from the north and south).

Tags - Absolutist Bureaucracy, Austria, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg, Bach system

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