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Did the United Kingdom remain with the variation of the 'spring' of the people?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Its development over the years
  3. It economic policy
  4. Conclusion

In 1848 a revolt took place in almost all of Europe. In the context of an economic and social crisis, the 'Springtime of Peoples', as it was called then, turned out to be a complex movement involving a democratic aspect to the liberal and national demands of previous revolutions. In France, Prussia, Austria, the masses overthrew the existing political systems and replaced them with more democratic regimes to ensure the universal suffrage and representation of the people. However, some countries seemed to escape this wave of revolution and the urban riots which traversed Europe, such as the United Kingdom, which included England, Scotland, Wales and all of Ireland. It is therefore necessary to consider whether the UK was actually distant from the Spring of Nations. While Paris was torn by riots in February, in Austria the citizens and students followed the example of French revolutionary uprisings that multiplied in Germany and Italy, but what happened to the English situation? Did the United Kingdom not experience any national social reaction in line with those that were tearing Europe during the early months of the year 1848? To answer this question we will study in the first part the superficial impact that the European revolutions, especially the French revolution, had on the United Kingdom, and then in the second part, we will see where and how the system managed to escape the deep rupture evident in the other European countries.

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