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Historical relations between Egypt and Sudan

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  1. Introduction
  2. Its development over the years
  3. It economic policy
  4. Conclusion

Egypt and the Sudan share a boundary in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Relations between the two countries date back to ancient Egypt when Sudan was known as Nubia. More recently, since Sudan's independence in 1965, the latter's relations with its powerful Egyptian neighbor ranged between enmity and affinity. Under President Ja'far Muhammad al-Numayri (1969-1985), relations between the two countries were at their highest, culminating in the signing of a joint defense agreement in 1976, which spanned 25 years that stated that an armed attack to one of the two countries would be considered an attack against both.

This alliance was denounced on the occasion of the 1985 coup led by Abd al-Rahman Muhammad Hasan Siwar al-Dahab. This event has not only ended the Numayri regime, but also cordial relations with Egypt. During the democratic period corresponding to the presidency of Sadiq al-Mahdi(1986-89), after a transition period following the coup of Dahab, Sudan attempted to rebuild its relations with Cairo, but bilateral relations failed to reach the degree of closeness they knew before.

Tags: Egypt-Sudan relations, Numayri Regime, Dahab coup

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