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The First World War and its consequences

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  1. Introduction
  2. The UN works for peace
  3. Pacific battle and destabilization of Europe
  4. USSR and the US
  5. Conclusion

Initially, this seemed to be a quick war, but in fact, the setting completely changed. We can talk about war, because the world found itself split into two camps: the Central Powers (The German Empire and Austro-Hungarian and Turkish and Bulgarian) against the Allies (France, UK, Russia, Serbia, then the USA in 1917). There was a separation of principles. The expansionist drives of the Central Powers and Allied transformation motivations became the camp of justice and law. It was notable for its militarization and there were many fronts on land, from the Black Sea to Switzerland, between France and Germany, the Baltic to the Black Sea, between Germany and Russia, between the Middle East and the Turkish, British and Arabs, colonial fronts of Black Africa and Oceania. While there was no front, there was still a human and economic mobilization. There were also sea fronts in the North Sea, Mediterranean and Black sea, with Dardanelles (the largest English failure) and with the Atlantic submarine warfare. Finally, there was war in the air as being new and destructive. This was also a characteristic of this new form of war where armies were destroying because they had to destroy, and they did not hesitate to destroy churches and houses and kill civilians by questionable means such as gas. They let the cities bleed, like Verdun where 600,000 were counted dead, to win one unfortunate kilometer. The pattern of fighting and waiting settled over time. There were different phases: maneuver warfare in 1914, war of attrition between 1915 and 1917 (one million dead), and finally the war of movement in 1918. It kept taking the lives of the people during the war.

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