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The First World War

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  1. Introduction
  2. Its development over the years
  3. It economic policy
  4. Conclusion

My study is based on four documents, which are very different: The first is an aerial photograph taken on September 12, 1915, derived from the 1914-1918 book views from above and exhibited in 1988 at the Museum of the army. Of the three following texts, one is from the novel written by G. Fear Chevallier, published in 1930. It is a largely autobiographical story which recounts the experiences of combatants and the ferocity or the futility of war. The second is from the Book of a fighter P. Tuffrau, published in 1917 and reissued in 1998. This paper has an autobiographical character as the third extract, which is derived from the French Life and Death 1914-1918: The book was written by A. Ducasse, J. Meyer and G. Perranporth, and also includes the experiences of the authors themselves as well as external evidence such as that of J. Vandebeuque in 'Eparges In' (place of the Meuse in Lorraine near Verdun). The documents, on which my work is based on, describes life during the war around a place (photography) and stories of witnesses who experienced slaughters. Thus, we study a social aspect throughout the course of the war. In addition, the authors of these testimonies are French and the photograph was taken in north eastern France which is why we will work on the western front: the main years of the war from 1914-1918. We will initially see how a new mode of war sets in and what characteristics we can deduce about the impacts on the lives of soldiers.

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