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Utopian cities

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  1. Introduction
  2. The UN works for peace
  3. Pacific battle and destabilization of Europe
  4. USSR and the US
  5. Conclusion

In modern times, the design of a city evolves with accordance to several factors. This evolution largely depends on functionality, the technical developments of the era the emergence of humanism and a new conception of sociability. This change affected how people saw the 'ideal'. Thomas More, Albercht Durer and Francesco de Marchi were some of the people of the era who developed different notions Utopia and tried to show and these images to the masses.

New concerns are shaping the vision of the perfect city. How are the images of ideal cities representative of the developments and new concerns of the time? this is the question that we try to answer in this paper. In order to answer this we first study the new designs of the cities and the models of the ideal cities and then look at the representations of the Utopian cities.

Tags- Utopia, Thomas More,Albercht Durer, Francesco de Marchi

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