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Was imperial Russia reformable?

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Where the Empire of Russia was deeply anchored for centuries, events seemed to precipitate with a distracting pace starting from the beginning of the 20th century to lead to the sharp decline of the mode, upturned by a revolution. This revolution, caused much attention on behalf of the historians, and gave place to many contradictory theories. According to the socialist approach, the Revolution of 1917 was predetermined, inexorable, because the Empire was found to be at a dead end; according to the liberal approach, the economic, political and social changes could have given birth to constitutional, democratic and prosperous Russia if the things had been able to follow their natural course.

What was it really? Could the Revolution have been avoided by suitable reforms in imperial Russia, or was it inevitable?
1. "The era of great reforms":
-1861, emancipation of serfs
This reform concerns 20 million serfs, the majority of the population is mainly Russian peasant. In addition to obtaining personal and legal freedom, farmers are given a minimal land to poor
-1864, Zemstva Act
The local administration was reorganized by the Act, which sets up local institutions more or less autonomous. Elected representatives of zemstva could act in areas such as health areas.

Tags: Empire of Russia, Revolution of 1917, emancipation of serfs

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